Dudley Ramblers



NEW MAPS have recently been bought to complete the set of O.S. Explorer maps covering a 40-50 mile radius of Dudley.

Our maps have recently been up-graded to the modern orange Explorers.

Should you wish to borrow a map, we do have all the local maps now and they are available in the new modern edition.

The list of new maps is below.

Whilst some of us use GPS and other means of tracking and planning our walks, it was still felt at the committee meeting that a one off investment to update the maps covering places local to us would be appropriate. We already have maps that cover the remaining areas within a 40-50 mile radius of Dudley.

Please phone me if you require a map on 01384 394094, or email me on christinacoo@yahoo.co.uk and let me know so that I can arrange for you to borrow one.

Dudley Ramblers keeps other O.S. maps covering more distant areas of England & Wales.  Some maps are in the latest editions, most are yellow Explorers.  However, it is always worth enquiring to see if a map is in one of the 5 boxes if you are off on holiday or planning a walk that is further afield.


179 – Gloucester, Cheltenham & Stroud *

OL14 – Wye Valley *

189 – Hereford & Ross on Wye  190 – Malvern Hills & Bredon Hill

201 – Knighton & Presteigne   202 – Leominster & Bromyard

203 – Ludlow     204 – Worcester & Droitwich

205 – Stratford & Evesham   206 – Edge Hill & Fenny Compton

216 – Welshpool & Montgomery  217 – Long Mynd

218 – Kidderminster & Wyre Forest  219 – Wolverhampton

220 – Birmingham    222 – Rugby & Daventry

240 – Oswestry    241 – Shrewsbury

242 – Telford & Ironbridge   243 – Market Drayton

244 – Cannock Chase & Chasewater  Exp6 – Cannock Chase

245 – The National Forest & Burton on Trent

257 – Crewe & Nantwich   258 – Stoke on Trent

259 – Derby     OL24 – White Peak

Don’t forget that if you don’t use the internet or library, or find yourself short on ideas for a walk, we have a number of books, and a full folder of pre-prepared walks to use.

Maps marked * are borderline 40-50 mile radius of Dudley.  A note regarding some of the maps is that, although the main city or town of the map may be within a 50 mile radius, the outlying area does go beyond this limit.

Above all though, have fun planning your walks.                             



                                     AUTUMN NEWSLETTER 2020

Hello Everyone

 At the time of writing, new tier restrictions are now in place where Covid-19 is concerned.  As we all live in different boroughs, although the majority of club members are in the Dudley borough, there are slightly differing restrictions.  What we must be aware of, is that as a club, we can continue to walk.  The Ramblers Association website states, and this is of today, 14 October:

England – The three-tier system introduced on 12 October means that walkers in England should not travel to or from very-high alert areas, and must not travel to lockdown areas in Wales.  You may walk outdoors with friends or family in groups of up to six people.  Ramblers organised group walks can continue with up to 30 people, in accordance with UK government guidance which states organised outdoor physical activity is exempt from the ‘rule of six’.

 All of our walks, are, as we are all aware, sussed beforehand.  Mileage, terrain, how many stiles, how much of the walk is on an actual footpath rather than through country fields, etc., is all known before the start of the actual walk.  We plan a 4 monthly programme in advance.

 I would assume that several of us, when walking on a Sunday, have come across adverse remarks or odd looks from other members of the public.  A couple of Sundays ago, a little boy, who was with his mom and dad, stopped and counted us as we passed by.  “Mommy”, he said, “there are 10 people there”. (!!)  We must assume that others are ignorant of the rules for organised outdoor physical activities.  I suppose this is to be expected.  When passing others, be considerate and stand back, so that you are a distance away.  When stopping for rest breaks or lunch, keep a reasonable distance apart.  I think that we all now carry a mask with us, a little like always having our mobile phone on our person.  We never know when we are going to need it.  Walk leaders, always make a note of everyone’s name and contact number, and keep securely for 21 days.  Be sensible and considerate, and keep yourself, and everyone that you’re with, safe.


Unfortunately, I have to make everyone aware that there will be no Christmas meal arranged this year.  This due, again as everyone is aware, to restrictions with respect to eating out.  At the moment, only groups of 6 can be together in a restaurant or pub.  This may change by the time that the festive season is upon us, but as this is an event that is planned several months in advance, ‘it ain’t gonna happen’, this year.  Apologies about the use of slang terminology, but I thought it was rather apt, and I’m trying to be a little humorous.  I like our Christmas meals.  It’s a chance for everyone to get together, and I can dress up!!!  This aside, we must make the best of Christmas this year.  Whether that’s going out for a meal in groups of 6, going for a stroll, or meeting with family or friends that are in our ‘bubble’ if guidelines allow.  

When this is over I’d like to arrange a dinner/dance/disco for us all to enjoy.  Obviously we would have to be clear of all restrictions, and I would need support from club members to attend.  It would probably mean a payment of some kind, but it would be a chance to relax and enjoy each other’s company.


Finally, but by no means the least important – our AGM.  I’ve mentioned this on a few walks of late, that next year a full committee will be required.  This means a Chairperson, Treasurer, Secretary and committee members.  Without sounding too stark, if club members aren’t willing to come forward, the club will cease.  It’s as simple as that.  Being a committee member entails being available for about an hour and a half once every 6 weeks for a meeting.  It’s not even necessary to hold them this frequently a lot of the time.  It just depends what’s going on, and the importance of it.  Of late, we’ve held a couple of them in the park at Himley in the sunshine.  The club IS important to all of us, and has allowed us to make new friends and walk in places that we may never have known about.  It’s opened up many members’ lives.  We’re a friendly bunch, and it would be a pity for it to end after all of these years.  

The AGM may have to be delayed next year, due again to restrictions in force.  It may even have to take place in a different manner.  Presently, the club couldn’t meet indoors en masse.  The committee have already been discussing this, and will update as time goes on.


My apologies if this newsletter is negative, it’s by no means meant to be.  There’s quite a lot going on at the moment, or not, depending on how you look at things.  Hopefully next time, I’ll be writing in a more positive note.

Keep smiling everyone, and carry on walking.


  Marie – Club Chair/Secretary

 Where to begin?  We’re living through very bizarre times at the moment.  The lockdown that we’ve had to endure is slowly being lifted, but as you’re all aware there are differing guidelines for each situation.

 Hopefully you have all been keeping well and have been able to go out on little walks.  I’m sure that you are all raring to go walking as a club again.  I know I am.  I was furloughed for a while and found local places that I knew nothing about.  A positive amongst all the negativity.

 The next quarter’s programme is attached, but, for those who have internet access, please check our website, as the walks will only appear on there when we are able to walk as a group.  For those of you without access, I’ll make contact to advise.

 Please be aware that we will have to follow whatever government guidelines are in place at the time of re-starting walks.  Whether that be mask wearing, social distancing, car sharing, etc, and it’s everyones responsibility to adhere to this.  Where the latter is concerned, it may be the case that giving lifts may not be allowed.  Unfortunately, this may mean that those club members without transport may have difficulties attending walks.  We will have to see how things stand.

 With respect to the holiday to Llandudno, Daish’s have been contacted, and will still be going ahead.  As usual there will be a long and short walk each day, with a day of rest.  If any club members would like to attend that haven’t returned their booking forms, there are places available.  These would be twin or double rooms.  If you would return forms as soon as possible with a £30.00 deposit, as the full balance has to be paid towards the end of July.

 Hope to see you all soon.



  Marie – Club Chair/Secretary